• Coffee as a lifestyle
    Coffee and drinking coffee are associated with numerous social and health benefits. It has long been known that coffee beans are a great source of antioxidants, which in many cases reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases including type 2 diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Another positive aspect is coffee’s ability to stimulate communication and sociability, which makes coffee a great aid in preventing mental illness and a stress relief valve. The positive effects of coffee extend far beyond a simple and delicious breakfast beverage.

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Mallay organic coffee

Discover the excellence of coffee

Organická káva mallay

Certified ORGANIC with an internationally-recognised certificate

Organic certification is only awarded to coffees that meet strict organic cultivation standards.

najvičí stupeň kvality fairtrade

Certified FAIR TRADE with an internationally-recognised certificate

Our fair-trade certificate is recognition of our fair dealings with suppliers.

užastná chuť kávy

Great taste and beneficial for your health

Unique and delicious organically cultivated coffee with many antioxidants.

pestovaná v prírodnom prostredí

Cultivated in a natural environment without any pesticides or fertilizers

We cultivate our organic coffee in a natural rainforest environment without any artificial intervention.

100 percentná arabica

Quality 100% Arabica from Sumatra

The natural environment of the Indonesian rainforest is reflected in the quality of our organic coffee.

Káva slovensky produkt

Coffee produced in Slovakia – a local product

Roasting and other coffee bean processing is performed in Slovakia, which means that our coffee is proud to be a local product that is made in Slovakia.

Our branded organic coffee comes straight from plantations deep in the forests on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. We cultivate it in a natural rainforest environment. It is carefully selected by our baristas, who constantly supervise its first-class quality.

We’ll keep the roasting secrets to ourselves; the only thing you need to know is that our organic coffee has a delicious taste and is a healthy choice because it doesn’t contain any metals such as aluminium or zinc, trace pesticides, ochratoxins or any of the other 133 contaminants that are commonly found in conventional non-organic coffee. So here you are, it’s time to try real coffee.

Mallay coffee for your café

100 percentna arabica do kaviarne

Mallay is proud to offer organic coffee cultivated in natural conditions and that is free of any sprays, pesticides or other additives. The natural flavour and protection of this organic coffee are provided by the Indonesian rainforests on the island of Sumatra where it is cultivated. We then select only the best varieties for you and hand pick the coffee beans. The minerals in our coffee and its overall quality are significantly affected by the soil in which our coffee trees grow. Mallay organic coffee is grown in volcanic soil and delivers a high-quality experience from organic coffee thanks to its organic care and cultivation. The coffee beans are gathered and sent to our roasting house, which transforms it into pure, unadulterated 100% organic Arabica coffee. We also carefully store and package the product for distribution. Packaged organic coffee is then ready for delivery directly to your home, your café or your business.

Enjoy Mallay at home or at work

Vychutnaj si kávu Mallay u seba aj v práci

Brighten your morning with quality Mallay organic coffee. Quality organic coffee is the ideal solution for many of us who want to savour the morning from the comfort of home and without the rush. Enjoy invigorating sips of coffee whenever you want without having to move. Serving great tasting and quality coffee is sure to please any guest you welcome into your home. Turn your living room into the popular spot for meetings and discussions, because quality coffee brings people together and is a great complement to visits by family and friends. Mallay organic coffee also boasts other beneficial properties, including antioxidants. Our coffee is cultivated without the use of any pesticides in a natural rainforest environment and contains many fewer impurities than conventional coffee. Enjoy truly organic coffee that is free from the ailments that afflict standard coffees.

Convenient on-line

Our coffee is only a few clicks away. Go to our e-shop and order quality Mallay coffee, roasted and processed in Slovakia, from the comfort of home or your office. Browse the great range of products and select the one that best meets your needs. Once your order is complete, we’ll promptly deliver the coffee directly to you, so don’t hesitate and treat yourself to delicious organic coffee.

cetrifikácia fair trade pre mallay

Favourite packs of Mallay coffee

Káva mallay svetlé praženie 1Kg

Light roast, 1 kg

Káva mallay svetlé praženie 250g

Light roast, 250 g

Káva mallay tmavé praženie 250g

Dark roast 250 g

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