• The route our coffee takes to your table

    o káve mallay a jej hystroríí

Cultivation and harvesting

Coffee beans first must be collected once they have ripened.

This is a process we continue to do by hand.

Pestovanie a zber


Our organic coffee is from the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

The volcanic soils on Sumatra are rich in minerals and positively influence the growth of coffee trees and the quality of the resulting coffee beans.


Coffee grows on trees in red fruiting bodies that resemble cherries, which have two coffee beans inside.

These are sorted by hand and only the highest quality beans are then released for roasting in the roasting house.

Our organic coffee is pure, and unadulterated coffee from the best farms in Indonesia.



Raw coffee beans have a green colour. Once peeled, they turn an attractive shade of yellow.

During roasting, the increase in volume, crack and change shape into the typical brown beans that we all know. They are cooled after roasting, which is a key step towards preserving their flavour.

This process is subject to strict organic roasting standards.


The finished beans are packaged into bags or buckets where they cool before further processing.



The beans are then packaged into ecological packaging.

We only package whole beans to ensure the unique taste and aroma are preserved through a special valve on the packaging itself.


The finished coffee is then delivered direct to our cafés and our customers.

Our primary focus is currently importing coffee for cafés in Europe.



Enjoy the unique flavour and beneficial effects of our organic coffee.

Mallay coffee is sourced from Indonesia and Sumatra