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Why Mallay coffee is the right choice for your establishment

Mallay coffee is proud to offer organic coffee cultivated in natural conditions and that is free of any sprays, pesticides or artificial additives. The natural flavour and protection of this organic coffee are provided by the Indonesian rainforests and the soil in which it is cultivated. We then select only the best varieties for you and hand pick the coffee beans. The minerals in our coffee and its overall quality are significantly affected by the soil in which our coffee trees grow. Mallay coffee is grown in volcanic soil and delivers a high-quality experience from organic coffee thanks to its organic care and cultivation. The coffee beans are gathered and sent to our roasting house, which transforms it into pure, unadulterated 100% organic Indonesian coffee. We also carefully store and package the product for distribution. Packaged organic coffee is then ready for delivery directly to your home, your café or your business.

Najlepšia káva do Vašej prevádzky
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Advantages of cooperation with us

One of the major advantages of cooperation with us is the guaranteed quality we provide. Our organic coffee is cultivated on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, in the heart of the rainforest, which provides protection and nourishes the natural development of coffee trees themselves. We also offer our expertise in hand-picked coffee beans and careful roasting and processing. Our unique processes ensure the coffee retains its characteristic taste, which satisfies the soul and stimulates the mind. Aroma and taste are protected by ecological packaging containing a special valve that ensures these properties are maintained. Our coffee also boasts a fair-trade certificate, which clearly demonstrates our commitment to product quality, and to a fair and equitable relationship to the farmers who care for the coffee trees themselves. Our organic certificate also confirms the quality of our organic coffee, which meets strict standards concerning organic cultivation. The pricing of our product is also free of any additional distribution charges, which gives us the ability to offer a vast range of organic coffee options at great prices.
Finally, we are truly concerned with natural conservation and the environment, and which is why we emphasise organic cultivation without any sprays or artificial additives.

How to get Mallay coffee at my establishment

If you’ve made the decision to go with Mallay organic coffee for your café, establishment or office, there are several ways to get in touch with us. Contact us via email, over the phone or visit our e-shop to see the current line of organic coffees we have on offer. Just add the coffee that meets your needs to your cart, it’s that simple. Then proceed to complete your order. Currently we import the vast majority of our organic coffee for European cafés and European customers, which is why we are able to deliver it right to you. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enjoy honest organic coffee.

100 percentna arabica do kaviarne

Mallay coffee is sourced from Indonesia and Sumatra